From the 300 Channelings we did with the Ascended Masters’ and Archangels so far, we have received many answers on many questions we posed. In this section we will put up these “Questions & Answers” and we will add new ones on a regular basis. Just click on the “Question” that interests you and you can read the answer. If you have a spiritual question you would like answered feel free to send it us:

QUESTION: What is “channeling”?

ANSWER: Channeling is the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits and angels. The person receiving and passing on the information is called medium or psychic reader. Some mediums go into a full trance, thus allowing the spirit to take full control over their body, permitting the spirit to speak through the medium directly. Other mediums use a meditative state to connect to spirit.


Kathleen explains the process of “channeling” in her own words:

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QUESTION: Ascended Master – what does that mean?



They have lived on earth as human beings and completed their cycle. They have reached enlightenment, passed into the spirit world and are now supporting human development from the spirit side.

Among the Ascended Masters are Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Lao Tzu and many others. Through the process of “channeling” we can connect to these spirit beings and receive their guidance and assistance.



QUESTION: What are Angels?


These are powerful Energetic Beings that reside in the spirit world. They have never lived in physical bodies. They are also here to assist us and to support our growth.


Among the Archangels are Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and many others.

Through the process of “channeling” we can connect to these spirit beings and receive their guidance and assistance.



QUESTION: Why are we here on Earth?

ANSWER: (from the Ascended Master Tobias):

“We hear many of you asking the question “why are we here in the first place?” “We know,” you say, “that we are honored for being here. We know our feet are washed for being here, but why is it?”


You are all creators. You all experienced many things in many, many different places. You helped create the very stars that are here in this universe. You helped create many of the templates of emotions and thoughts and feelings. You were like cosmic painters, creating new scenes, creating new events for All That Is. Oh, your connection to the ones from the stars is really the connection to yourself.


But there came a point in creation, even with all of the tools that you had to work with, all the understandings and the freedom that you had… there came a point where an “energy stalemate” of sorts was reached, an energy stoppage. This was not good or bad. It simply was. You were like children on a playground discovering new things, testing new things, and creating new things. There finally came a point where you could go no further, where creation itself could go no further.


Creation had reached an impasse. The way to get through this impasse, the way to come to understandings that would allow creation to go forth, was a tiny little place called Earth. You chose to come here. You chose to take the veil. You chose separation from Spirit. You chose something very powerful called duality to help move past the limits of creation as you knew it. That is why you have gone through so much here on Earth. That is why you have not understood who you truly were. That is why you have been limited in your ability to create – or seemingly. That is why you are here.”




QUESTION: I find that recently there are quite a lot of people around me that are negative. I am just wondering. Did I attract them, or is it my “mission” to help them? Shine my Light on them?


ANSWER: To be honest, there is a great deal of negativity everywhere. The positive personality is rather the exception then the rule in this modern City life that you are engaged in. You will find many people struggling to survive, by whatever means they can. And you will find the majority of people quite unaware. Unaware of their divinity, unaware of their life purpose, going home in the evenings and watching television. I am sorry to tell you but this is a very poor quality of life!

In this city, you are living in a city that tends to produce a poor quality of life. Therefore the fact that people around you are negative is not really unusual. You have a choice. You may move out of this situation, you may seek more positive people with whom to work. This is always an option. And if you decide that this is what you wish to do, certainly you will meet such people and you will be able to move into a more positive environment, where your Energies will not be drained from you.

This is an option that you have.


This is Maha Cohan’s reply from the viewpoint of an Ascended Master”If you wish to become a more loving person, you need to practice this as well. You need to practice engaging with people and even people that you may not be attracted to you. You need to practice an attitude of altruistic positivity at least towards them. So people who cause you grief, you may wish to react against, or you may wish to withdraw from – these are your choices -; but the third choice is to offer them positive energy in order to change the character of your relationship with such people. And this is always possible. If you can master this process – offering positive energy to everybody that enters your sphere of consciousness – then YOU WILL INDEED BE A MASTER.


Listen to the full channeling as a free MP-3 download:


And Djwal Kuhl has also good advice on this topic:



“However you can overcome the negative people and situations, by blocking the negative energy and by sending out positive emotional Energy, which will serve as a cleanser and a purifier of that space and keep you free from disease, free from harm.

So mastery over your own emotions is a very high art form, a very high skill. But all Seekers of the highest form of self-awareness must undertake this task. You must undertake mastery of your own emotions. Now what does this mean?

Does this mean that you don’t express emotions?


Does it mean, you don’t feel emotions of others?


But what it means is, no matter what you take in, you are able to convert emotion. And ensure, what you send out, does no harm – first of all -, and secondly, if you are able to attain the level of mastery where you are able to benefit others through your emotional outpourings, this will be the highest form of emotional attainment.

In other words: LOVING PEOPLE.

Easily said; very difficult to attain! Very difficult to attain. It is easy to love those who you are close to; you own children, your own family members. Certain people that you have spent a lot of time with, or have a lot of interest in common with, but loving all Humanity is not that easy.

Many, many people, in order to attain this mastery have found it necessary to withdraw from human society. It is much easier to control your emotion, when you are apart from people. In other words: they are not sending you their negative energy and it’s easy to sit on a mountain and send out loving vibrations toward all humanity. This has been the solution actually that many Seekers and Sieges, Monks, people like this have opted for, because they found it to difficult, to generate this loving energy, while in the midst of human society. But I tell you, this is not really the ultimate solution. And this way is not open in fact, to any of the 3 of you, sitting in this room. Therefore we are going to instead recommend a practice; we always talk about a daily practice. But incorporating in your daily practice, a habit in SENDING OUT THIS KIND OF LOVING ENERGY, in the same way that the Monk on the mountain top would do: toward all human kind, toward all who need healing and help. You may send out positive vibrational Energy. But the greater challenge is going to be, to respond to all who come to you with positive emotional Energy also. To whatever degree you can in the moment. And we do not expect instant mastery.”



QUESTION: Why is so little of the ascension visible at this time on Earth?



You may ask yourself WHY is so little of this ascension visible for you at the moment if you look around in the world? You know about the Earth changing the dimension and you may feel the process of change, but if you look into your news you see the opposite: Negativity, wars, violence, Armageddon; all of this make you doubt that this will really happen.

I can assure you. It is the truth and it will happen. You can see the final stages, the last “fights” of the lower energies. But they will not be able to stop the process.


Stay positive, stand tall and touch humanity with your wisdom. Carry your Light out into the world and in doing so, support the process of ascension.

Set an EXPAMPLE, an IDEAL, just as I did, in living a life based of what you feel, in living a life based on what you know.


Heal the people, as I have healt them. You have the power in you! You can do the same miracles as Jesus of Nazareth, as you have the same abilities.

Actually all people have these abilities, but only few remember. All of you belong to a group that remembers and that is willing and capable to use these methods of healing. So put away any doubt, let these miracles happen and therefore help humanity and Mother Earth to move forward.


It is a very special time you have chosen to live your life on Earth. You are truly the chosen ones, being in the fleshly existence at this very moment. Honor this and know that this is also very important for your personal growth, being part of this ascension and working on this.


You are all walking in the “correct” direction. You are all on a divine path. Focus; do something with this knowledge!


Focus on the balance between “gaining wisdom” and “practicing” what you gained in your life. This is important. One without the other makes no sense.


You all know that the year 2012 will be an important year for Mother Earth and all those who inhabit on her. But the positive changes will not come like a stroke of the clock. It will be the start into a new phase. The Light will come step by step, because the people have the free will to decide whether they want to walk down this path or not.


No everybody will be on the same level of frequency, not everybody is moving forward with the same speed; which is by the way for us in Spirit not such a big problem.


Every human being will go its way, some faster some slower. EVERYBODY has enough time to go its way to reach the personal goal. Important for the process is, that enough people are WILLING TO SUPPORT the process of the ascension of Mother Earth.


Us Ascended Masters and Angels are permanently with you and all you need to do is call us and ask for our support and guidance. We will come with high respect and pleasure to assist you in this so important time.


I AM Jesus from Nazareth und I thank you, that you gave me, within my Brothers and Sisters, the opportunity to be part of your evening.

So go in peace and let your Light shine into the world.


I bless you.




QUESTION: How can I create successfully?

ANSWER: The key lies in the correct understanding HOW you can use the energy around you for your creation.

Energy is an unlimited source around each and every one of us.

It is sitting in what they call “the field” from which we can draw it in, in form of potentials. If we draw one of these potentials in, it will manifest in our physical life.

The energy in the filed is in a neutral state and therefore science has not “seen” it yet.

The amount of energy equals the amount of “potentials”, meaning it is an infinite amount that we can use.

The energy is there for YOU.

The energy waits to be activated.

Who can activate it?

YOU can!

You can do it unconsciously, like the vast majority of people do.

Or you can do it consciously, which is what an increasing amount of people is trying to do now, or is doing already.

The “Law of attraction” has helped here a lot to explain about our Co-Creator role.

YOU are creating your own reality. Nobody else, but YOU.

Imagine the energy like bubbles around you. Bubbles of potentials. Your potentials. Which one will you choose?


Now the law of attraction has from my point of view one weak spot.

You cannot successfully create through your “mind”.

Imagine yourself as being a magnet and this magnet is only charged very little when you try to create through your mind. Usually this will not draw the bubble of potential towards you.

If you align yourself with your “hearts and souls desire”, your real “passion” then your thought forms will be magnified and the power of your magnet will be high and the potential will come in.

Develop a beautiful desire; follow the longing within you!

But how do I what my heart or my soul desires I hear you ask?

You can FEEL into that, and you will feel the answer within you. Your soul desires “experience” and “expression”. Your soul does not care about human desires, but it cares about your growth, your highest good. If you align yourself with these elements you will be an amazing creator. And in doing so, your life will change on many levels for the better and this includes your human needs (health, abundance) as well and will give you much more joy and happiness in your life.

So understand that the Energy is there to serve you.

It needs to be activated.

It can be activated through your thoughts and your actions. Align them with your biggest dreams and your highest potentials and you will have amazing successes.


QUESTION: Can you explain to us about the “ascension-process” of Humanity and how we can support this on a personal level?

ANSWER (from Lord Buddha):

There are several meanings of this word “ascension”. This word is used for those who pass from you world into ours. Among the enlightened ones those who pass the line are known as “ascended”, we are called as you know “ascended”; we are Ascended Masters, because we have mastered the process of ascension.

Part of the process includes the passing from the physical world into the spiritual world. However at this time in history, the barriers between these 2 worlds are growing thinner and what it means is, the physical world is vibrating at a faster pace than in the past, coming if you will closer to our level of vibration of this side of the great divide.

As the Planet the vibration is elevated and as every individual’s vibration is elevated, the two worlds are drawn closer to one another.

The process of ascension is the process of spiritual enlightenment which is the same process.

Can we use this term to describe “matter” and the “physical realm”?

This is a very interesting question! Now there are many on your Planet who is using this term to describe what is happening even upon the physical plane. What it means is the vibrational level is coming into closer harmony with our higher vibrational level. And so as the process of ascension occurs, the 2 worlds will be much more closely integrated and awareness of the 2 worlds will in the future become quite common place among people residing within the material plane.

Those of you who have this awareness at this time are among of these what is sometimes referred as the “first wave”, because you are definitely part of a wave that will grow. It is the way of the future.

The process of ascension will occur for all of Humanity. You are lucky to be among the earlier members of your race to be aware of this process.

Ascension is enlightenment, ascension is elevation, ascension is coming into harmony with the higher vibration of the spiritual planes.


QUESTION: How can I become “who I really want to be” in the future?

ANSWER: “PICTURE YOURSELF AS YOU WISH TO BE IN THE FUTURE. Picturing yourself as you wish to become is a very “healthy” exercise. If you do not do so, who knows what you will become. If you just take it randomly day by day, allowing influences to shape you; allowing whatever you go through to become part of yourself. Whatever you experience, whatever emotions you encounter; if you make them your own and especially if you react against things that you may find difficult or painful or challenging and you allow emotions of “anger” or “disappointment”, or “frustration” to become embedded in your psychological make-up, or even in the outer realms of your spirit body. If you allow these things to become absorbed by you, they will not lead you toward the self that you would like to be in the future.


If we speak of this what would the perfected individual look like?

This is an exercise worth contemplating. You may consider: how would you be different from what you are today?

-Would you be more or less expressive?

-Would you be more or less at peace in your heart and mind?

-Would you be more or less attentive to the needs or desires of others?

-Would you be more or less physically active?

All of these things you need to consider now, if you wish to shape you own future self. And then you need to do whatever you need to do to move towards those goals.


If you wish to have more communication with the Spirit World, for example.

This is a process that requires daily build up. You have to learn, just as any activity that you undertake. IF YOU WISH TO BE EXPERT; YOU NEED TO PRACTICE.”



QUESTION: Why does the Creator allow so much evil on Earth and what can we do about it?


ANSWER: You have your own free will. You are NOT a puppet controlled by your Creator. If you were, there would be no misery upon the Earth!

Reflect upon this for a moment. If you were controlled by your Creator, there would be no space for evil on the Earth; there would be no space for misery and suffering. These things I tell you my beloved, are not of the Creator. These things are the making of your own kind, through there misunderstanding and their disconnectedness with their Creator. Because he cannot control your lives. That is why things have come to be as they are. Being controlled by your Father is completely voluntary, but I tell you, with my lifetime I submitted with all my heart and soul to the control by my Heavenly Father. And my life consequently was filled with knowingness and filled with joy. But also my physical life was filled with misery and suffering, because one cannot walk this way in this world of suffering and be untouched. That is not the way.


You must bridge the 2 worlds. One is the world of creation and original joy and happiness, the other is the world of misery and suffering, created by mankind, in the position of his Creator, which is not the original plan.


I tell you my beloved, YOU must be the bridge!


ANSWER (from the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara):

“And now I want to talk to you about “Love”, because you were talking earlier about Love. Good Heavens “Love” is so misunderstood by those upon your Planet.

Ok let us focus now: could you bring this word into your consciousness; focus upon the word and the feeling of LOVE. Think of something you really love. The best would be a person. Think of a person whom you really love. And think about the feelings that this person stimulates in your heart, in your mind. The good concepts and feelings, everything you have associated with this object of yours.

Aha! It’s not all positive dear Ones. Some of you are worried about you Loved Ones. This is interesting. Is this real Love? Is this true Love? You are worried about you Loved One. Is this a loving attitude?

Off course it is! Off course it is. Concern is an attribute of love. Love is not all happiness and roses, dear Ones.


IT IS AN ENERGETIC INTENT that seeks the greater good which includes the spiritual growth of the Beloved. So it is an Energy that you send forth. If you love someone, it means you send them a positive energetic message. A positive “shot” of energy that has at its motivation their elevation, their growth, their advancement; everything good for the Beloved. That’s all!


If I talk about that maybe you think it is not romantic enough. Do you think science is romantic?


It depends how you look at it. I think it is very romantic. Science is plus and minus; science is pulling two things together. Science is making things connect.”


QUESTION: How can I make use of my Spirit Guides?

ANSWER (from Lady Kwan Yin):

ALL IT NEEDS IS YOUR INTENT. Intent! All of you have come to understand the importance of “intent” in your life. And you know, if your intent is for the greater good, then through you good things can come out!

And do not seek to be in control of everything that will happen as a result of your intent. Actually if you leave space for those of us who are reaching down from the higher planes, then we will come in and assist you. But our ability to come depends completely on YOUR LEAVING SPACE in your life.

Leaving space in your mind and in your expectations for us to assist you.

If you try and control everything, then how can I help you? Or any of the other myriad of Spirits and Angels and Masters that are eager now to come down and to help you! They are gathered like crowds around all of you! And they are eager, particularly the Higher Spirits. They know that the time is now right. But then to assist you in manifesting your intensions and so by not insisting upon full control at every minute, you open the door to lend our energy.

A little bit of space to move into your life…

So I ask you that you relax and that when you are seeking, as I know you are seeking, you may ask the question and you may put forth your intention, but then please relax and rest and allow us to come in and to help you manifest all these things that you would like in your life.


So when you put forward your intention and your desire and you direct towards the greater good for yourself and all around you and you open space for those of us in the Higher Realms to also participate, then you set in motion the correct energy to enable things to manifest in the best way for you.




QUESTION: What is the difference between my SPIRIT and my SOUL?

ANSWER: (from Sanat Kumara)

These words are used interchangeably often. There are different understandings, because there are different “vibrational levels”, there are different…how shall I explain?


The Physical Body, even the limit of the Physical Body can be discussed! Is the AURA part of the Physical Body? Your ENERGETIC BODY, immediately surrounding your Physical Body, you have what is sometimes referred to as an ENERGETIC BODY. Do you understand?


This is like a …it is like a Spirit to your Body, or a Soul. You might call it your Soul. In addition to that you have another SPIRIT, which is where you dwell when you separate from the Physical Body. Do you understand?

So the ENERGETIC BODY is like an interface between SPIRIT and PHYSICAL; SPIRIT AND MATTER.

This interface is part of the Physical Body in the sense that when you pass away it also disintegrates.

The SPIRIT is actually, I want to say the Physical but that is the dwelling place to which you will retreat when you abandon your Physical Body and its Energy Chief. Understand?

That Body as well has a duality to it, including what would correlate to a mental and a physical casing.

So when different teachings talk about this or that: Spirit and Soul and Energy Body and this and that, sometimes they distinguish these different aspects or parts of the casings. But the Energetic Body that access the interface can also be seen as an extension of your Physical Body. So sometimes this is called the SOUL; but the true SPIRIT is that which continues after you are separated from your Physical Body. That is your dwelling place when you depart your Physical Body.


So SPIRIT AND SOUL is different words for the same concept?

I would say that different teachers and different teachings mix these things up. I would say that not everyone is so precise or clear.

The SPIRIT, the dwelling place that you reside in post-life, this is sometimes called SOUL, this is sometimes called SPIRIT.

But sometimes also the Energy Body is given one or the other words which is actually not correct.

Ok, so the ENERGY BODY is the interface between SOUL (SPIRIT) and PHYSICAL BODY?


And you know this is the area immediately surrounding your Physical Body.

And the elevation and development of the ENERGETICAL BODY that surrounds us in the lifetime is one of our key achievements?

It is a tool. You know, it is part of keeping your Physical Body healthy, right. To keep your Spirit healthy you need this Energy Body, to keep your emotions and your Spirit healthy, you need to keep this Energetic Body healthy. And you can feed it. You feed it by your attitude, your thinking, your feeling, your spiritual practice; all of these activities feed this Energetic Body and then that helps to sustain the health of your Physical Body as well. Do you understand?

So the “Safety Net would help our Energetic Body” …

Most certainly!

…to be stable and growing and developing.



QUESTION: How can I connect to the “healing energies”?

ANSWER:  (From Gran – a Galactic Being)

Do you know that healing is available to you at all times? It is at your very fingertips. All you have to do is push the button. “What button?” I hear you ask. It is not a physical button, it is a thought – as easy as that. There is a vast field of energy around you that is spiritual in nature and the essence of that energy is love. It is energy that waits to serve you. You have free will and that energy will never interact with your life unless you give your permission. This can be done by making a request. This is your button – simply say, “Please, heal me” and then wait and see what happens. Maybe you want to heal a headache, maybe your heart has been broken, maybe you need to see more love in someone who is important to you – you can ask for help with all of these things, and more. Push the button, change your life a little, and then, remember to say, “Thank you”. With love.


QUESTION: How are the physical world and the spirit world connected?

ANSWER (from Lord Buddha):

“I would had you know that your World and ours is very closely connected. We are among you all the time. Your awareness of our presence has nothing to do with the reality of our presence.

As a matter of fact, it is our misfortune to be ignored most of the time, when we come among you. However, when we are invited to communicate with you, as we have been this evening, all of us who seek to serve Humanity are very honored and very pleased to share our insight and our understanding from our elevated perspective. But please know, that that does not mean that we are higher than you. We are not other than you! As a matter of fact we are the same as you.

But we have a slightly higher perspective. We can see into the Heart of things. And we also understand where all of you are headed, which many of you seem not to know very clearly. In other words, you will join me here one day in this Spirit World.


But please understand, that the 2 worlds are so closely connected and that when knowledge and Light and Love can flow between our 2 Worlds freely, this will be the time of joy for all on both sides of the great divide. This will be the time of enlightenment.

And this time is coming.”


And from another Channeling:


I would like to make you aware of and this is not new to you, but I would like to stress this, as the second important principle you need to not forget, is that the material world is only a certain vibrational portion of the entirety of the Universe in which you live. It is for example you know that human hearing is limited to within a certain decibel range, is it not?

You know, that even certain animals, dogs for example, can hear a higher range of sound. So you know there is a higher range of sound that exists. When you think about the physical world, the physical world is only encompassing are range of energetic vibration. There is an exact line beyond which the physical turns into the non-physical.

There is a line, where the physical is connected to the non-physical. But it is really just an extension of the same vibrational field, do you understand this?




It is the human heart!

The human heart is in fact the most precious human organ. And by this I do not only mean the “physical heart”, which pumps the blood through your body. But in the spiritual sense the emotional center is very very critical. It is what makes you different from all other entities. All entities of any kind and anywhere. The human Beings that live upon Planet Earth have a unique emotional nature and structure that is very special and very precious to the Creator. I don t know if you knew this or understood this, but it is the heart, IT IS THE ABILITY TO LOVE that is unique!

The “ability to understand” exists in other types of entities, in Angels for example; they understand sometimes a great deal more, then those of you upon the Earth plane do, BUT their emotional nature is different. It is different.

And then, if we want to discuss about “qualities of heart” > the human heart has the broadest range that has been devised as yet. The broadest and widest range of emotional sensitivity and sensibility. That means the greatest capacity FOR LOVE.

And I tell you: “LOVE” is a most highly treasured aspect of all creation to our Divine Creator.

Experiencing “LOVE” is one of his/her strongest desires.



ANSWER (from the Ascended Master  Djwal Kuhl):


If you do not mind, I would like to begin at the very beginning. The essence of all Spirit-Matter combinations, which is what you are, is DIVINE.

It comes from the Divine Source. YOU come from the Divine Source, from God.

What is the DIVINE SOURCE?

The Divine Source is Energy, the Divine Source is Love, the Divine Source is Consciousness. It is not just a burst of Energy, like it comes forth from a battery or an electric socket. Unless you acknowledge and understand the Divine Consciousness, you will always be missing something!



QUESTION: What happens after death?


What happens after death?

When someone passes away (moves into the spirit realm), the energetic connection between the physical body and spirit body is severed. The physical body dies and your consciousness moves into the spirit body.

The Spirit World is a vast and multi-dimensional place, populated by beings of different vibrational levels. The vibration of your spirit body when you pass over to live in the Spirit World decides which dimensions you will be able to access. Low-vibration beings cannot rise to the higher vibrational levels.

It is not a matter of being ‘judged’ by God or any other entity. You decide your own place in the Spirit World by the way you live your life on Earth, by the way you nurture and cultivate your spirit body – which includes your spirit mind and heart.

In the spirit world there is the opportunity to continue to develop talents, expand knowledge and interact with other entities. A lot of this is dictated by your interest and what you truly love. Life goes on in a freer, more open, more direct and more informed manner.


There is much you can call upon:

- All your experiences you ever had

- All of the knowledge you ever gained

- AND you can exchange this with the ones that you have known and loved


There is no concept of time, as we know it on earth, in the spirit word. There is much joy to experience. It is like a homecoming and a homecoming to further evolvement. You can perceive new horizons.


The spirit realms are vast and beyond your imagination

All in all the Masters told us that dying is much easier than to be birthed.

You can meet your Loved Ones on the other side, if you choose to do so.

You create through your thoughts and you move through your thoughts.


And a second ANSWER:

The transition is easy…

•When the passing occurs at first there is not a great deal that has changed.

•There is still the sense of “I-ness”, of being the person that you were, while you were on earth in your physical body.

•There is still the sense of your personality, of your character, of your beliefs, your feelings and experiences.

•It will remain a part of you forever!

It is like passing through a window. When you make the transition LIFE GOES ON and it is really not that different at first. BUT in the spiritual world much more is possible then in the physical world. Life in the physical body is a limitation! When you make the transition, so much more is possible.