As more and more humans are awakening to their true and divine nature we encourage those that are aware to help others to connect to their divine spark.

One way to do this is through a “CIRCLE OF LIGHT”, a “Meditation & Spiritual Group” that meets on a regular basis and gives those who are ready the support they might need to move onto their path of Light.

If this is something that you always wanted to do, but you are not quite sure HOW to do it, we give some suggestions, based on our experience.




You need:

Some like-minded people who are ready to grow spiritually.

A venue that holds 10-15, that allows people to sit or lie down.

Some cards and crystals to support the evening (we explain at the end and give examples).

A weekly or fortnightly date and time when you want to meet.

Perseverance and determination.


Ideally you have within the group at least one person who has some experience in spiritual work. We will give you the instructions based on our example, but understand that this is one of many ways of how you can do it.





This takes about 20 minutes and there are 2 major things to do:

1)    Setting up a CRYSTAL GRID

A Crystal Grid is an ancient tool to connect to the Ascended Masters & Angelic Realm. It works like this:

This Grid will bring in the Light Structure and Energy. Once set up, it will last for about one week!


To build the Grid you need 8 Crystals.1 Crystal in the Center, 6 surrounding it on the outside and 1 Pointer (a small Crystal that you hold in your hand, pointing the Crystal down towards the Grid to activate the Crystal in the Grid).



3 steps are necessary:


A) Hold the “Pointer” above the Grid and say 3 times:

I invoke the light of GOD within

I am a clear and perfect channel

Light is my guide


B) Connecting the Grid:


Draw with the “Pointer” in your hand an (invisible) line  from the Center Crystal to the first Crystal of the circle

Connect the next Crystal on the outside

Back to the middle

And from the middle back to the last connected Crystal…and then connect the next one. In doing so you connect all Crystals of the Grid to the Center Crystal energetically.


Do 3 rounds!


C) ) Hold the “Pointer” above the Grid and say 3 times:

I invoke the light of GOD within

I am a clear and perfect channel

Light is my guide


You can actually feel the energy flowing!




2)    Setting up some decks of cards

Ascended Master & Angel Cards (to pick your Master & Angel for the evening)

2-3 decks of Cards with spiritual messages (for some personal messages).



The Healing Book


Choose an empty journal as your “Healing Book”. Into this you write your name and as many other names of friends, family, co-workers, animals that you want to receive healing.


OPENING THE CIRCLE & protecting the venue

Once all the participants have arrived it is time to open the Circle. Here the Facilitator asks the Group to join hands and to make an energetic connection.

Within the short opening (with closed eyes) of 2-3 minutes the facilitator secures the space (important) against any form of lower spirits.

You can do it like this: “We invite the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel to guard the 4 quadrants of the dimensions and the direction gates. Please keep this room safe and secure and let no lower energies infiltrate”.


Then it is important to invite the Ascended Masters and the Archangels into the Meeting, as these are the 2 Groups of entities with which you want to work.

You can do it like this: “We humbly invite the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood along with the Archangels to join us in our gathering today. Please share your energy, your love, your wisdom and your healing with us.”


If you have a special INTENT for the evening > say it out now.


To harmonize the energies of the participants chant 3 “Ohms” together.

Close the opening by saying: “Our Circle is now open. Let go of hands and open your eyes”.



Personal messages:

Each person then chooses cards from the “Pools of Light Cards” one Ascended Master card & one Angel card for the evening. We use the cards to give psychic/intuitive readings to each other to convey short messages.

All it takes is a bit of practice and trust and it is amazing what you can “pick up” from the cards after a while. You just feel into the energies of the cards and you might be able to pass a message, a word or a feeling onto others.

If you have someone within the Group with experience > let him/her do it first and feel how it is done.

Give short messages to everybody in the Group.



Spiritual teaching (optional):


To educate participants who are new to the path of Light, you might find it beneficial to add an element of teaching into your Course. Plenty of topics can be found within the “Knowledge” parts of our classes; for example this one:


And you can pick a different topic each time you meet.



Guided Meditation:


Put some nice meditation music on in the background. Connect to the calming energy of the music and guide the participants through a guided meditation (15-20 minutes).

You can listen to many of our examples on the webpage, but there is no need to follow them. You can do it your own unique way and it will work perfectly.



Channeling (optional):

If you have someone with “Channeling” experience you can add a channeled message from the Masters or Angels now.

What is “Channeling”?

You can read and listen here:



Healing (optional):

If you have someone who is practicing a healing modality you can also offer healing to some of the group members. This could be Reiki, Magnified Healing or any other healing modality.



Spiritual Cards:


In the preparation of your Circle you have laid out 2-3 decks of spiritual cards (besides the Ascended Master and Angel cards). Now is the time for each person to draw one card from each of these sets and to read and discuss them. Trust me you will experience many surprises.



Closing of the Circle:

Ask the members of the group to close their eyes again and use a couple of minutes to close the Circle for that day. While doing so you can send “healing” to all those mentioned in your Healing Book. You can also send healing to any area of the World that is in special need, or to the sick or elderly…

In closing the Circle you give thanks and express gratitude to the Masters and Angels that connected to the Circle on that day.


List of things to get/prepare:


2-3 Decks of spiritual cards (like Doreen Virtue cards or similar) with messages


“I AM – Pools of Light” Master & Angel Cards Deck:

You can order here and we highly recommend getting these as you will find them very easy to work with.




You can order online and Gitama will ship the cards to your home.


For the Crystal Grid:

6 smaller clear quartz crystals for the outer ring

1 bigger center piece; also a clear quartz

1 small piece of clear quartz to activate the Grid (Pointer)


CD Player for meditation music

Healing Book and pen


Some general advice:

-          Offer the Group regularly (either every week or at least every two weeks). If you want to grow spiritually, you have to be consistent and so do the participants

-          This will not be for everyone. Some people might come one time and not come back. This is fine.

-          If you rent  a space to hold the Group, share the rent by charging the participants a small sum of money.

-          Try and keep “ego” out of the Group. Spiritual work is not a competition, but the understanding that we are all connected and coming from the same Source…


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us: