KNOWLEDGE – The journey of the Angels – Part 1



In the beginning there was GOD/GODDES/ALL THAT IS.



ALL was                                HARMONIOUS

ALL was                                BALANCED

ALL was                                LOVE

ALL was                                ONENESS



“ALL THAT IS” asked the question

WHO am I?

… and in this moment of brilliance ALL THAT IS created a mirror for itself and fell instantly in love with itself.



But ALL THAT IS wanted to EXPERIENCE and it could not do that through itself;

And therefore ALL THAT IS created the KING and the QUEEN
the masculine and the feminine …



And it created “SOULS” as parts of the SPIRIT.




ALL THAT IS was now able to experience through the SOUL’S that it created.

ALL THAT IS send these parts of itself out into the ethereal worlds.

The Souls were strongly connected to


and after each experience came back into the “ONENESS” reporting about the experiences made on that day.

And then, one day a big group of Spirit’s/Soul’s went so far out into the non-physical universe that they came to the


The WALL OF FIRE represents the point of liberation/separation.

Going beyond the WALL OF FIRE meant that the Spirits could not return into the Oneness. But it also meant that these Spirits could really experience deeply and so they went through the WALL.


From now on these Spirits were sovereign Souled Beings, children of GOD.

This was the birthing of the Angel’s, non-physical Beings, part of GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS.




And you were one of them ;-)










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