EXERCISE – Silence is golden

Life is usually loud and hectic on Planet Earth for most human beings in the 21st Century.
Humans seem to have a problem with handling “silence”. We do everything we can to keep ourselves “busy” and “entertained”. We try and juggle family, work, friends and activities rarely leaving space for ourselves; including moments of silence.

Today’s exercise is about STILLNESS. It is about giving yourself a PAUSE TO LOOK INSIDE. It is about stopping the chatter of your mind.
You might find this difficult to achieve at the beginning.
Don’t give up.
Just sit down – and be still.

If a thought comes to your mind; acknowledge it – then send it away.
Be peaceful and still.
Just be.
And breathe. Breathe in – and out.
Consciously breathing while enjoying the stillness.
Letting go of all distractions.
Just being in the now moment and being silent and still.


This will do miracles for you.






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