READING – Introduction into the Classes 9-16


Before we get into our “Advanced Classes-Overview” we would like to summarize what we hoped to teach in Classes 1-8.


In fact the core of Spirit World’s message is that there is a SPIRIT WORLD OUT THERE, which is your HOME. Bringing awareness that you are a DUAL BEING and that you live on multiple planes at the same time is what we want to remind you of, as we think that this is important for you and for all human beings.


Who am I?

This is an important question which is for many the starting point on their journey home; on their inner journey.

You are a divine Being, a part of our CREATOR; sent out into the world to experience, to expand and to grow.


Now as a Spiritual Being you also have a SPIRIT BODY. This would be the second most important thing to remember from our first set of classes. Your spirit body or your Soul is actually your true home. It is the DIVINE SPARK within you and it is “WHO YOU REALLY ARE”.





Developing your spirit body during your physical lifetime on earth should be your life goal.


Because the spirit body is the vessel you use after passing from the physical world into the spirit world at the point of your physical death. The better your spirit is developed the more freedom and opportunity you will have on the spirit side.

Unfortunately most people on earth are completely unaware of their spiritual nature and therefore they do not focus on the development of their physical body, which leads to the result that many pass over with undeveloped or even crippled spirit bodies. This has the disadvantage that these spirit bodies cannot raise into the higher realms of the spirit world, because they are too heavy and are held back in the lower realms, or even in the spirit realms that are connected to earth itself.  Life there is limited and often unpleasant. Reaching the Higher Realms is therefore important.

Here we want to educate and help so that this can change in the future.


How do you nurture and develop your spirit body?

You nurture it with LIFE ELEMENTS and with LOVE ELEMENTS. The details you can find in Classes 3 & 4.



In the second series of our online course (classes 9-16) we are starting with the questions:


Where are we coming from?


Why are we actually here on Earth?


With additional spiritual information, new channeled messages from the Ascended Masters and Archangels and interactive exercises we want you to achieve a new level of consciousness, of awareness.





We will look into the concept of “Soul” more deeply,


And we want to help you to release a lot of stuff from your past, that does not serve you anymore and ask the question:

What is enlightenment and how can you achieve it?


So, when you are ready please feel free to dive into our advanced level of classes and enjoy your journey.


PS: we always welcome your questions and feedback





Please continue with the knowledge part of class 9.