SELF-REFLECTION: at the end of the course


Please give yourself and Spiritworld feedback of the course by answering the following questions and by using our Spiritworld “FORUM” for the feedback for us. 

1) Did the course have an impact on how you view the purpose or nature of your life?





2) Have you changed, or do you intend to change, anything in your life as a result of taking this course?





3) Have you adopted a regular spiritual practice, such as conscious breathing or meditation? If yes, how are you benefiting from it?





4) Did you have any experiences during or after the course in relation to the spirit world? If yes, would you like to describe them?





5) Would you like to share your feedback about the course? What did you like, and what can we improve?




Thank you very much for participating in the Spirit World Online Course. If you found the course beneficial, please recommend it to your family and friends.



Please read the “course summary”.