READING: 10 tips for your spiritual path

Be in service (giving)

 Give, support and love others

You will be surprised how this will change your life

You will enjoy it and grow spiritually




As important as “giving” is receiving

Accept and freely love yourself as you are

Accept the gifts that spirit offers




Honor the PATH of everyone…

Even if it is not your PATH

Do not criticize

Do not judge

Be tolerant

Be compassionate towards everyone




Express INTENT

Express your intention to connect to the spirit world around you.

There are plenty of spirit beings around you, but they are unemployed.


Because they can only support and assist you, if YOU invite them to do so.

Try it out!




Live your life CONSCIOUSLY

You are the creator of your own life

Take responsibility for it

Learn to choose, to make decisions and to consciously create



Add a daily MEDITATION PRACTICE to your daily schedule


Align yourself with the divine intent (of living a life of love, joy and beauty)

Sit in silence

Draw the light into yourself

Absorb the light

 >>> Then you will naturally grow



Be aware of conditioning, old mindsets and hypnosis

 Most people are “sleepwalking” through their lives

Many are stuck in “small boxes” and old mind sets

This leads into limitations

Hypnotic conditioning comes from society, work, churches, parents etc.

Be aware of them

Free yourself from them

Reclaim your true nature



Be compassionate towards everyone

Compassion means fully accepting things as they are. This includes people and situations. There is no need for you to change them. But you can withdraw from a relationship or a situation if it is limiting you or holding you back.



And most important: ENJOY LIFE

You are on earth to experience, to create, to grow. You can do that best in enjoying life every day. Knowing about your divinity and your positive power can give you a completely different approach to all life’s situations. Including the “challenges” that might come along your way. They are just “experiences”. Take them with a smile and see the potential for personal growth within them. You have called for them; for an opportunity to grow.

Knowing this gives you the freedom to truly enjoy life to the fullest.



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