KNOWLEDGE: the spirit world (part 2)

There are different types of realms in the spirit world that you can move to. They are really ENERGY-CENTERS. And you will move to the kind of energy-center that is most aligned with the nature of your personal energy (your spirit body).

To make it easier to understand we have grouped these realms into 3 categories:

1) The low realms (the near earth realms)

2) The middle realms (the crystalline realms)

3) The higher realms


 1) The lower realms/ the near earth realms

In the “near-earth-realms” you find those spirits who threw away their opportunities to grow during their lifetime. They lived self-centered lives, harming themselves and others. Their spirits are dark and not well defined





They can not rise into the higher realms, because their spirit is too heavy and they have no desire for progress. There are opportunities for these spirits to grow, but the first condition is their FREE WILL. The entity must desire to improve and grow. Without that initial starting point there is no movement. Higher spirits volunteer to go into the “near-earth-realms” to teach and guide those who are stuck here.


2) The middle realms/ the crystalline realms

In the middle realms you will find these entities that have a medium developed spirit body.





Like on earth you have people living in many locations, in many lifestyles and in many cultures. People of a certain vibrational level (a certain development stage of the spirit body) congregate together in all different locations in the spirit world. The realms are not only hierarchical, but also compartmental. There are sections of a similar level that are divided by their believes, by their lifestyles, by many other things. There are cities; there are rural areas, places that resemble the earth quite closely in some areas.

You move through your will power. Creation / manifestation works through “thought”, “desire” and “passion”, but much faster and more obvious then on earth.



3)  The higher realms

The higher you go up, the more you will find people cooperating, people living together in harmony and working for each other. Your creations are more “other-centered”, or “beauty-centered”. People create out of love, out of beauty or to serve others. The motivation is pure.

Their spirit bodies are fully developed.




Spirits residing in the higher realms have the power to help, to support and to guide spirits in the lower realms. There is a constant flow from up to down. BUT there is no natural flow from down to up. This has to be assisted and aided.

In the very high realms there is…

 -        pure light

-         pure love and

-         pure energy.



Above you see a spirit body of an enlightened being, like an Ascended Master.

Purity is the essence of the highest realms. Love is manifested almost like breathing.

The result is beautiful. Joy for all is the outcome.




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