CLOSING: the course summary


The Spirit World concept is based on a repeating cycle of four phases.



 The first phase of awareness is to understand that:

-         There is a spirit world surrounding you; it is your home

-         You have a spirit body as well as a physical body

-         Your physical body is the vessel you use during your lifetime on earth

-         Your spirit body, like your physical one, needs to be nurtured to grow

-         It is wise to set life goals that focus on the growth of your spirit



Choice & Change

 This phase invites the exercise of the free will.

-         You can choose to consciously connect with your spirit and the spirit world

-         If you choose to do so, your life will change


Healing and Rebalancing

Healing is an important step toward further growth. This includes:

-         Healing yourself from all the hurt and trauma you may have experienced in your life

-         Letting go of ideas and emotions that no longer serve you

-         Releasing blockages and trapped energies in your physical and spirit bodies,     allowing your energy to flow freely

-         Nurturing and developing your spirit through regular practices such as conscious breathing, meditation, yoga, etc.

-         Achieving a deeper level of giving and receiving love



Having heightened your awareness, chosen to change, and made effort to heal and grow, you are ready to integrate your spirit self, your divinity, into your physical existence. You will consciously and subconsciously bring the two worlds closer together.



This four-phase cycle is repeated at ever higher levels as we grow and develop our divine potential.