READING: 10 questions answered


The way HOME starts with these questions…

WHO am I?

What am I doing here on earth?

What is my value?


>>> You are a DIVINE BEING

>>> At the core of your being you are DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS

>>> You are a part of GOD, temporarily experiencing life here on earth



What is the DIVINE SOURCE?

>>> The Divine Source is                LOVE

>>> The Divine Source is                ENERGY

>>> The Divine Source is                CONSCIOUSNESS



What is the DIVINE?

>>> The essence of all spirit-matter combinations, which is what you are, is DIVINE.

>>> You are a conscious part of GOD

>>> You come from the DIVINE SOURCE




 What is my spirit’s desire?


>>> Your spirit wants to experience

>>> Your spirit wants to express itself

>>> Your spirit wants to grow and develop




What is the original DIVINE INTENT?

>>> Each and every human being shall life a live of





You are all seeded with the divine intent to seek love, beauty and joy.




How do you ENLIGHTEN your SPIRIT?


>>> By living a life of beauty, love and joy.

>>> And by sharing these gifts with others.





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