EXERCISE: becoming aware of old belief-systems and mindsets


Starting when you were very young, your mind has been influenced by people and things around you. In a sense, you have been ‘programmed’ to pay attention to certain things, in certain ways. Reconsidering mindsets, programs and belief systems, and releasing those that are not conducive to your growth and development, is an essential step toward reaching a higher level of consciousness and expanding your reality.  These mindsets, or ‘overlays,’ come from parents (and their parents), schools, religious organizations, and from the general consciousness of modern society. They define good and bad, right and wrong. They tell you what to do – and what not to do. They tell you what is worth achieving in your life and what to strive for.

For example, they encourage you to

-         Attain high marks at school or college

-         Achieve top results in all forms of competition

-         Establish a certain career or status in society

-         Depend on a certain belief system

-         Judge and evaluate yourself and others according to wealth or status


However, many of these commonly accepted concepts are misleading and misguiding. They do not encourage you to develop your divine potential.



Today’s exercise is an invitation to look deeply into your own life.

What influences have led you to where you are now? What has made you open to seeking spiritual understanding?

What influences have discouraged or distracted or misled you?

What ideas or beliefs uphold and strengthen you?

What ideas or beliefs restrict or limit you, and therefore no longer serve you?


As you listen to the music, allow your mind to wander over your past. Allow your feelings to surface – your sense of who you are, and of who you could be.


You may want to take notes as you go along, or after the exercise is over.

Try to identify any false or restrictive concepts you hold about yourself. And as you recognize them, firmly but gently release them.



Congratulations! You have completed class 7.

Feel free to continue with “class 8″.