KNOWLEDGE: how to release energy blockages

A healthy and positive growth of your spirit will occur, when there is a free flow of energies (life and love elements) through your bodies. Unfortunately for most of us this free flow of energy is not reality at the moment. Releasing the energy blocks is part of the HEALING PROCESS that moves you forward into your wholeness.






You can answer that for yourself: How happy are you?  How satisfied are you with your life? Do you feel that there is something missing? Are you generally joyful? Or do you feel often unhappy, not satisfied, stuck, overwhelmed, depressed?


WHAT are blockages?

Blockages are resulting from stuck energies in our energetic body. They prevent a free flow of energies and limit the spirit development.

WHERE do blockages coming from?

Some have been created through your own life experiences:

-         Dramatic events

-         Disappointment/hurt

-         Anger/hatred

Some came into your life through the DNA you inherited from your ancestral line

HOW can you release blockages and move stuck energies?

A)    You have to have intention

B)    You have to put effort into it

C)    You can ask for support

D)    You can use tools to release blockages



A) Have intention

If you feel stuck in your life If you aware of blockages, or what holds you back, the first step to releasing them is THAT YOU WANT TO RELEASE THEM. It is a conscious choice that you can make.

B) Releasing takes effort

It takes effort from you! Understand that releasing is a process; it is like “peeling an onion”. You release layer by layer by layer. Often you release over a long period of time BUT, the more you release, the more joyful and happy your life will be.

C) Ask for support

You have a lot of angelic beings around you who want to serve you. Feel them – they are here now! Use them to release blockages and stuck energies.


Just tell them that you want to let go of all that does not serve you anymore.

PS: changes in your life will follow. Watch out for them and welcome them.

In some cases blockages might be too strong to release on your own. There are very experienced healers out there who can help you.

D) Use tools to release more efficiently

I)                 Breathing

II)                Releasing through voice

III)              Set up a safe space

IV)              Letting go of old belief systems and distractions

V)               Sending out love and positive emotions


I) Breathing

Breathing sounds too easy, right? But in fact it is one of the most powerful tools to:

 -        grow and develop

-         to get the energy flowing

-         to clear blockages

-         to connect to your center

-         to bring the life elements in


A few minutes of deep and conscious breathing per day will do miracles

“Breathing gets you out of your head and into your passion, your soul and your spirit. Breathing does this amazing thing by allowing the energy of spirit into this reality, into this lifetime. Breathing gets energies going”.

II) Realeasing through voice

This supports moving stuck energies Let it out – scream!!!

Blocked energies start flowing again



III) Set up a “safe space” for yourself

You can choose to set up a “safe space” for yourself. You can do this wherever you are, even at busy place. Trust yourself. You are really creating it! At the moment you choose it, all of the incompatible energies that surround you will disappear.

Choose this “safe space” consciously every morning.

IV) Letting go of old belief systems and distractions

A self assessment of your life and your life goals would be the starting point for this. Check for yourself: is that what society, parents, churches, employers thought you, what you really want? Does it serve you, or is it time for changes. Expect and welcome the changes in your life. It is for the better.

Let go of all the things and people and situations that limit you or hold you back. 


V) Sending out love and positive emotions

One of the greatest challenges is to have our HEART AREA free of negative emotions. This is difficult as there is a great deal of negative emotional energy surrounding everyone. However you can overcome this by blocking the negative energy and by sending out positive emotional energy.

In other words: LOVE PEOPLE

> This will serve you as a cleanser and a purifier of the heart area and keep you free from disease





It is all a matter of releasing the blockages and allowing the energies to flow.This requires effort by those who understand.




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