EXERCISE: the energy of your love

Today you are invited to go on a journey for the greater good! Sit comfortably and slowly allow your entire body to relax.Then sit still, close your eyes, and start breathing gently but deeply.

 Envision all the love, all the joy, and all the positive things in your life. See how blessed you are, even if you are facing challenges and difficulties. It is now time to count your blessings.

Envision the people you love, and the things that give you joy here on earth.

See yourself as an angel experiencing the beauty of life. Smile.

Your heart is glowing with an emerald green light.


Now start to share your joy and love of life with others around you by sending out positive feelings. Send them first to your family. Generate radiant loving thoughts in your heart chamber and allow them to flow outwards, through your energy field (your aura) towards your family.

Envision waves of beautiful emerald green flowing from your heart to theirs. You are sending unconditional love, even to those who may have wronged or hurt you.

Next, send the same vibrant energy to your friends and co-workers. Allow another wave of positive energy to flow from your heart center towards them. Even though you cannot see the energy that you are sending, trust that they will benefit from it.

Finally you send your love towards the town or city in which you live – to all the people in your area, to all the animals, and finally to Mother Earth.





Envision the emerald green light emanating from you and covering the entire Earth.In this way you share your positive loving energy, in service to all humanity and to the Earth.This will also cleanse your energy field of all negativity, so you can experience more joy and happiness.



You have completed class 5. Feel free to continue with “class 6″.