SELF-REFLECTION: your life-goals

A goal is a dream with a time frame on it.’ – inspirational American writer Dan Miller


Where are you now?

Please take your time to answer these questions


1. Am I missing anything in my life right now that is important to me? Yes/No


2. Am I satisfied, balanced and happy with my life at the moment? Yes/No


3. Do I know what I am passionate about? Yes/No


4. Am I happy and satisfied with my job? Yes/No


5. Am I well organized, focused on my top priorities and getting a lot done every day? Yes/No


6. Do I have enough time for my family and relationships? Yes/No


7. Do I have enough time for sport, art, music and other hobbies? Yes/No


8. Am I regularly achieving my income goals? Yes/No


9. Does my life reflect my spiritual values; am I growing and gaining wisdom in that area? Yes/No


10. Am I creative? Yes/No


11. Do I know what I want to achieve in my life? Yes/No


12. Am I on the way towards fulfilling my life goals? Yes/No



If you answered ‘No’ to many of these questions, it may be time for a course correction. Integrating spiritual understanding and spiritual work into your life has the potential to change all areas of your life – your health, your family life, your work life, your financial situation and of course your personal development.



Congratulations! You have completed class 4. Feel free to continue with “class 5″.