KNOWLEDGE – how to nurture and develop your spirit (part 2)

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT of this program?

It would be that you gain an understanding of HOW TO NURTURE AND DEVELOP YOUR SPIRIT > meaning that at the end of your life your spirit would be in stage 6 or 7.




YOU nurture and develop your spirit with LIFE ELEMENTS and with LOVE ELEMENTS. What does that mean?

Your spirit must intake these elements in order to grow properly.


A)    What are LIFE ELEMENTS?

Life elements are a finer form of energy that is provided by the universe and earth. Your spirit body absorbs these elements like the physical body absorbs food. The quality of the life elements (the energy) you receive is important and makes the difference.

How do you receive positive life elements?

You live in a positive spiritual environment.

How do you create a positive spiritual environment?

-         Surround yourself with positive people, relationships, work environment etc.

-         Withdraw from negative persons (self-centered persons), unhealthy relationships, negative work atmosphere etc.

-         Incorporate a spiritual practice into your life (like meditation). Here you are consciously connecting the energy flow (the life elements) from the universe and earth.

-         Be in service to others. You will truly create a healthy spiritual environment for yourself and  also bring you fulfillment


Following this, your spirit will grow and develop in a positive way. And this will enable your spirit to absorb the positive life elements of a high quality.

You see it works like a circle.

B)     What are LOVE ELEMENTS?

As well as life elements from the spirit world the spirit has to take in LOVE ELEMENTS from your physical body to support its growth.




Loving yourself and others is the key to a constant flow of LOVE ELEMENTS from your physical body towards your spirit.

Loving GOD and the intake of God’s Love is of the highest importance. You are a child of God and you are loved as a child. Can you accept and feel this love with all of your being?

Can you also love GOD in the same way then God loves you?

Think about it. This is one of the most important points of the course.

 And be aware of this unique “give-and-take relationship” between your spirit body and your physical body while you are on earth



Loving yourself and others, what does this mean?

This means: fully accepting yourself as you are. Remembering your divinity and who you really are. And sharing this love for yourself with the others around you. Accepting the others how they are, even if they are not on your path.


What is a healthy and strong spirit body?

 The spirit body grows and develops by receiving

-         LIFE ELEMENTS from the spirit world


-         LOVE ELEMENTS from the physical body

 A healthy spirit body will glow and it will have a lightness


This body you will carry into the next life on the spirit plane, once you pass away. The quality of the life is determined by the state of the spirit body at the time of death.


 Listen to the “Channeling” of class 4