KNOWLEDGE: how to nurture and develop your spirit (part1)

Your spiritual growth starts from birth. It does not matter if you are aware of it or not.


FIRST of all: remember that your physical body is just a vessel
for your life experience on earth.

REMEMBER the connection between your physical body
and your spirit body.


SECONDLY acknowledge that there is a spirit world
out there that is your true home.

If you choose to open the door… YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!

WHY is it so important to develop a strong spirit body you may ask???

The state of your spirit body at the point of your death decides how for you can rise up into the spirit world.
And as higher as you can rise as more possibilities you will have.

But growing spiritually will also benefit you in your lifetime here on earth.

CHECK OUT the different stages of the development of the spirit:



Stage 1: is the spirit on the far left side. The spirit is not well developed at all. It has almost no shape, it is dark and heavy. If you life your life self-centered, harming yourself and others your spirit will not develop.

Stage 2-5: represented by the animations 2-5 from the left; showing medium developed spirits. The spirit gains of form and gets lighter and less dense as more the spirit is developed.

Stage 6: the second animation from the right. The spirit body is full developed and shining. This is the result of a good spiritual development during the lifetime on earth. Such a spirit will rise high into the spirit world.

Stage 7: the animation on the far right side. A spirit body of someone who has reached the level of enlightenment. An Ascended Master who will the dwell on the highest planes within the spirit world.


Your next step:

Please continue class 3 by listening to the “Channeling”.