KNOWLEDGE: the spirit body and its characteristics

The Spirit Body

What is the spirit body?

It is your SOUL
It is your HOME
It is your ESSENCE
It is your ‘I AM’
It is the DIVINE SPARK within you

Every human has a spirit body that is attached to the physical body. The two remain connected for the duration of the physical lifetime. This is the place where you will reside when you leave your physical body.

What does your spirit body look like?

It resembles your physical body, but it exists at a higher vibration
It generally appears youthful, as it does not experience the physical effects of aging
It is surrounded by a light glow


There is an energetic connection between your physical body and your spirit body. This connection is like an energy cord that connects the human heart with the heart of your spirit.


What is the energetic body?

The energetic body that surrounds you is the interface between your physical body and your spirit body. Every night while you sleep, your consciousness moves through this connection into your spirit. The energetic cord ensures that you move back into your physical body when you awake.

What happens after death?

When someone passes away (moves into the spirit realm), the energetic connection between the physical body and spirit body is severed. The physical body dies and your consciousness moves into the spirit body.

The Spirit World is a vast and multi-dimensional place, populated by beings of different vibrational levels. The vibration of your spirit body when you pass over to live in the Spirit World decides which dimensions you will be able to access. Low-vibration beings cannot rise to the higher vibrational levels.

It is not a matter of being ‘judged’ by God or any other entity. You decide your own place in the Spirit World by the way you live your life on Earth, by the way you nurture and cultivate your spirit body – which includes your spirit mind and heart.

Understanding the relationship between the two worlds can have a profound impact on the way we choose to live. In the next session, we will discuss how you can nurture and develop a healthy spirit body.


Your next step:

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