EXERCISE: creating a “safe-space”

This exercise is all about re-balancing.

Life on earth can sometimes be challenging. With many things demanding our attention, it is difficult to maintain a balance between our inner and outer lives.

Sometimes you may find you need to create a safe space where you can take a break from the demands of daily life, to re-balance, to heal, and to feel whole again.

How can you create this safe space?

It is best to find a quiet place, where you can be on your own. But it is possible to do this even in a crowded or busy place. It is a matter of surrounding yourself with an energy ‘cocoon’ that will allow you to rest, re-balance and refresh yourself.

Sitting inside your safe space, open yourself up to your divine essence, to your spirit. Connect to the higher dimensions, to the spirit world that always surrounds you. You will experience a sense of clarity and calm as the energy of your spirit is renewed and your aura is cleansed of negativity. Even if you do this for only a few moments, it will refresh and uplift you for the rest of your day.

Relax in the lovely vibration of your safe space, absorb its energy with all your senses, and know that here you are protected and secure.


Your next step:

Congratulations. You have completed class 2 of the course. Feel free to continue with “class 3″.