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Gran is a powerful, intergalactic being who cares deeply for the Earth and the people upon it. His words address the dramatic changes that are occurring on Earth now. The most visible evidence of these is the political and economic upheavals as well as the great number of natural disasters. Gran explains that what is really taking place is an evolutionary step in the nature of our planet and in humanity. Our evolution will mean less involvement in the physical and a turning inward to learn more of our hearts, minds and souls. Gran says our true nature is love which is the nature of the universe and we must reconnect with this. The result will be a world that is far more caring and where wealth is distributed more evenly. This is not a book that provides comfortable answers to difficult questions. Instead, it urges us to turn within to discover our own personal truth. This is what we can trust completely and what will guide us safely and harmoniously through the difficult period we currently face. Help and guidance are always there for us. Gran’s very words help to heal us which in turn helps to heal the Earth.


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