EXERCISE – Picture yourself how you want to be in the future


Picturing yourself as you wish to become is a very healthy exercise. If you do not do so, who knows what you will become if you just take it randomly day by day, allowing influences to shape you; allowing whatever you go through to become part of yourself. Whatever you experience, whatever emotions you encounter; if you make them your own and especially if you react against things that you may find difficult or painful or challenging and you allow emotions of anger or disappointment or frustration to become embedded in your psychological make-up, or even in the outer realms of your spirit body, you allow these things to become absorbed by you. They will not lead you toward the self that you would like to be in the future.


As we speak of this, what would the perfected individual look like?

This is an exercise worth contemplating. You may consider: how would you be different from how you are today?

-              Would you be more or less expressive?

-              Would you be more or less at peace in your heart and mind?

-              Would you be more or less attentive to the needs or desires of others?

-              Would you be more or less physically active?

All of these things you need to consider now, if you wish to shape you own future self. Then you need to do whatever you need to do to move towards those goals.


If you wish to have more communication with the Spirit World, for example:

This is a process that requires daily build up. You have to learn, just like any activity that you undertake. IF YOU WISH TO BE AN EXPERT; YOU NEED TO PRACTICE.

So todays exercise for you is:









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