KNOWLEDGE – How to attain enlightenment

“I would encourage each one of you to seek your personal enlightenment, by elevating your consciousness, by quieting your emotions, by experiencing the love that surrounds you which would fill your Heart were you only able to open it completely. I would ask you to seek peace and solace in our presence, whenever you so require, in order to nourish you, give you strength, give you Energy.”

Lord Buddha


What is enlightenment?



You do not have to be smart!

You do not have to be successful in the eyes of your peers.

You do not have to be beautiful.

You do not have to have the top education, wealth or position.



In doing so, you open the door and all the other things will fall into place.





Aspects of enlightenment:

Enlightenment is a natural process and it brings you back into your natural state of being. It is about re-integrating all the aspects of your being back into the physical. Here we are talking about integration:

Live your life on Earth by bringing all of your aspects together in the physical (your divine self, your physical self, your aspects from the past, your child self, your adult self and so on).


Enlightenment comes in small doses. Be aware and if you have a moment, or an experience of enlightenment > recognize it and “ground” it into your being.


Enlightenment is a personal process. You can only reach it yourself. You cannot do it with someone else.


Enlightenment is about fulfillment; it is about completion. It occurs when you (your Soul) have completed a series of deep experiences through many different lifetimes on the physical plane. Through the process of experience you have created and gained wisdom, you have developed your awareness, your consciousness. You have let go of your limitations and re-discovered your divine nature. Once you have reached this your cycle on Earth ends and you will move into the Spirit World to experience, expand and grow there.


Do you choose enlightenment?


This is a very personal question. Most humans on Earth at the moment are not aware, or not conscious enough to make a decision at this point in time. On the other hand, we can see all over the Earth that people are waking up. There is a wave of awakening and the ones that are waking up cause a ripple by showing others the way…

So the question is: Will you choose enlightenment for yourself?



How can you support your decision?


If you are seeking Enlightenment >>> if you really have made this decisions (be very clear about that) wrap this intent in a Crystal Bubble and place it 1 foot above your head in your Soul Chakra.

Be very clear about what you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Keep this intent there for 3 days and go back to this point occasionally during these 3 days. Then let the bubble go and send it upwards into the higher Realms.


This is a powerful statement that you are sending out and support for your request will be forthcoming.

That does not mean you will be “zapped” overnight and be enlightened.

But a process will begin for you.

Be aware.






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