EXERCISE – The rose and the green energy


How to use “rose” and “green” color energy. This is an exercise where you absorb the vibration of the light that you call in. Through this you can rejuvenate your energies. Also it cleans “negativity” from your aura.

Using higher energies from the universe is easy and powerful. You can do this for yourself and you can do it for others in need.


How do you connect to these energies?

This is easy:  you just imagine the color in your mind. If you have problems visualizing the color, you can visualize an object that has this color, for example for “green” you can imagine a perfectly green lawn.


Once you have the color in your mind you can use it for:


-           yourself >>> just surround yourself in this color and try to feel the vibration of this energy. Breathe deeply while you do this.

-          others >>> send this colorful energy to people in need and surround them (in your mind) with the energy of your selected color.


Each color works differently.

Today we want to introduce “rose” colored energy and “green” colored energy.


The “rose” colored energy:

This is a gentle but powerful energy for instance if you face emotional problems or negativity.  It is not overwhelming.  You can send it to people who are ill or suffering. It can be absorbed easily.  It can penetrate directly to the core of the problem and gently disintegrate the negative energies that are affecting you or the person you seek to heal.  It works also very well if you are feeling unhappy. It is also very effective if you face relationship issues.

Use it on a daily basis and it will be a very valuable tool.




The “green” colored energy:

Green symbolizes “growth” (like in nature) and the green color is very effective for  the growth of your spirit. It is a very healing color also. If you place the color green in your physical environment (like placing plants in your office) this is also very good. It works very well in places where you want to interact with people, where you want to educate or to heal people.



For more details please listen to this channeled information from Djwal Kuhl, where he explains the wonders of these energies.


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