KNOWLEDGE – Co-creating your life


There is no destiny. There are only potentials. Your Creator has given you the gift of “free will” to make life choices and decisions in all possible directions. Through this co-creatorship you create your human life on Earth. You create through your thoughts, your words and your actions. While most humans create unconsciously (they do not realize that they create their own reality), you have the power to do it consciously.

And here the “Law of attraction” has brought a lot of publicity and awareness to an important topic. Unfortunately the “Law of attraction” has from our point of view a weak spot. It misses an important point.

You cannot successfully create through you “mind”.

Imagine yourself as being a magnet and this magnet is only charged very little when you try to create through your mind. Usually this will not draw the bubble of potential towards you.

If you align yourself with your “hearts and souls desire”, your real “passion” then your thought forms will be magnified and the power of your magnet will be high and the potential will come in.

But how do I what my heart or my soul desires I hear you ask?

You can FEEL into that, and you will feel the answer within you. Your soul desires “experience” and “expression”. Your soul does not care about human desires, but it cares about your growth, your highest good. If you align yourself with these elements you will be an amazing creator. And in doing so, your life will change on many levels for the better and this includes your human needs (health, abundance) as well and will give you much more joy and happiness in your life.

So understand that the Energy is there to serve you.

It needs to be activated.

It can be activated through your thoughts and your actions. Align them with your biggest dreams and your highest potentials and you will have amazing successes.





Energy is an unlimited source around each and every one of us.

It is sitting in what they call “the field” from which we can draw it in, in form of potentials. If we draw one of these potentials in, it will manifest in our physical life.

The energy in the field is in a neutral state and therefore science has not “seen” it yet.

The amount of energy equals the amount of “potentials”, meaning it is an infinite amount that we can use.

The energy is there for YOU.

The energy waits to be activated.

Who can activate it?

YOU can!

You can do it unconsciously, like the vast majority of people do.

Or you can do it consciously, which is what an increasing amount of people is trying to do now, or is doing already.

The “Law of attraction” has helped here a lot to explain about our Co-Creator role.

YOU are creating your own reality. Nobody else, but YOU.

Imagine the energy like bubbles around you. Bubbles of potentials. Your potentials. Which one will you choose?






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