EXERCISE – The releasing of your KARMA


It is true; you come into your lifetime with a certain “make up”, with a DNA that you have inherited from your parents and from your ancestors. This determines first of all your physical body, and on top of that it determines certain tendencies and talents.

It is also true, that your Soul has sent more than the “human aspect” onto Earth for experience and it would be correct if you see this as your “cousin”. This “cousin” also affects your DNA and therefore your starting point in this lifetime.

Within the DNA that you inherited come for all humans “issues” of the past that have an impact on your life now. It is a blessing of the new times, the new age, that you can consciously release these karmic influences. This was not possible 50 years ago.




It is through your intent.

You can ask for your karma to be healed and released.


How to do it?

We suggest you do a little ceremony:

Before you start ask the Archangels to keep your space safe and secure.

Invite the Ascended Masters to be part of this releasing process. They will be with you in your room energetically.


Then talk in your mind to your ancestors. Thank them that they walked before you and honor them for their achievements.

Then talk in your mind to your “cousin” meaning the other aspects that your Soul sent into the world. Thank them that they walked before you and honor them for their achievements.


Then talk in your mind to anybody who is connected to you, to your ancestors, or to “on of the other aspects” of your Soul, especially in the case where they have been hurt through you, through your ancestors or through one of the other aspects. Acknowledge this and apologize for any wrong doings.

Then ask the Angels to join you in helping to release all Karma.

Let it go consciously.

No need to force anything.

Just release and let go and have trust that this really works.


Thank the Ascended Masters and the Archangels for their support.


PS: This will actually have an impact on your DNA. Your DNA will change in a way that you do not have to follow certain life-lessons that were karmicly required. This will change not only for you but also for the ones who come after you: your children and grandchildren will benefit.






You have completed class 13 with this life-changing exercise. We suggest a break for today and continue with class 14 after you had some rest.