KNOWLEDGE – The process of awakening


Most humans on the planet are to a great degree unaware; unconscious. They have forgotten where they came from and what they are doing here on Earth. They are unaware that they are a dual Being and that they have a Spirit/Soul.

They often live their physical lives within a very narrow frame, doing the same things day in and out, thinking the same thoughts, following the same mind patterns.

But for some of them this life time develops into a special opportunity. They create themselves a reminder and this reminder triggers a process. A process that often starts with the question:

“Who am I”?



And at this point in time your Soul might awaken – like coming out of a deep and long sleep. And the Soul’s desire will from then on drive the human forward on its spiritual path. You will slowly dis-connect from mass consciousness and begin to bring your own truth in.  Once you are on the path of light it is almost impossible to turn around. You might stop for a while, focusing on other things, but it is impossible for you to “un-know” things.


Being on the spiritual path means to expand your consciousness, being more and more aware of your spiritual nature and leaving many of the things of the “past” behind. You will connect to higher realties and energies. You will reach up and connect to your spiritual support group that surrounds you. You will slowly start to free yourself from blockages and karmic influences that have overshadowed  your personality and your reality. These spiritual understandings, the energy work and the releasing will have a huge impact on your physical body, your energy body and your spirit body. You will start to vibrate on a higher frequency and enlighten yourself.


The end of this process – being a fully conscious and aware being – is the state of enlightenment. In the past this was seldom reached by human beings, merely by the Ascended Masters who then transcended into the Spirit World and now support humans through connecting to the ones that are ready to see and that are conscious enough to understand.




•             To know yourself

•             To express yourself

•             To come back to yourself

•             and

•             To evolve yourself into a consciousness and a reality unknown to self up until this point,


You need to express your Energy!





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