KNOWLEDGE – The gift of LOVE – Part 2



Why is it so difficult to LOVE YOURSELF?

Is it because parents, teachers, church, colleagues, superiors, friends, partners all tell you that you are unworthy or imperfect?

Is it because everybody tells you “how you should be”?

Is it because you are constantly in competition with your brothers or sisters, your school mates, your peers, your colleagues?


The TRUTH is you can stop the STRUGGLE FOR PERFECTION today!

YOU are in fact PERFECT, as perfection is an illusion.


There is nobody else in the Universe like YOU.

And please be reminded: not one of the Ascended Masters who travelled to the Earth before you, was “perfect” and without flaws. This is NOT the key to enlightenment.


What is the key then???

It lies in the total love of self.


And you are a unique part of GOD in experience here on Earth.





This is probably in many cases not as difficult as “loving yourself”.

But can you send this loving energy also to the ones that you struggle with?

This is much more challenging.

In loving others or doing service to others YOU SEND OUT POSITIVE ENERGY. In doing so, not only does the recipient benefit, but so do you.

The positive energy is going through your Energy Body, clearing out negativity and helping to clear blockages.

So if you can manage to focus on sending out love, by caring for others or being in service to others (supporting them and their growth) you also support your own growth.

By doing this you change the life of others and your own life.

LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL EMOTION. Be generous with it, towards yourself and towards others.


”If you wish to become a more loving person, you need to practice this as well. You need to practice engaging with people, even people that you may not be attracted to. You need to practice an attitude of altruistic positivity at least towards them. People who cause you grief, you may wish to react against, or you may wish to withdraw from – these are your choices – but the third choice is to offer them positive energy in order to change the character of your relationship with such people. This is always possible. If you can master this process – offering positive energy to everybody that enters your sphere of consciousness – then YOU WILL INDEED BE A MASTER.






However, you can overcome negative people and situations, by blocking the negative Energy and by sending out positive emotional Energy, which will serve as a cleanser and a purifier of that space and keep you free from disease, free from harm.

So mastery over your own emotions is a very high art form, a very high skill.  All seekers of the highest form of self-awareness must undertake this task. You must undertake Mastery of your own emotions. Now what does this mean?

Does this mean that you don’t express emotions?


Does it mean, you don’t feel the emotions of others?


What it means is, no matter what you take in, you are able to convert the emotion. You can ensure that what you send out, does no harm first of all, and secondly, if you are able to attain the level of Mastery where you are able to benefit others through your emotional outpourings, this will be the highest form of emotional attainment.

In other words: LOVING PEOPLE.

Easily said; very difficult to attain! – very difficult to attain. It is easy to love those who you are close to; your own children, your own family members, certain people that you have spent a lot of time with, or have a lot of interests in common with, but loving all Humanity is not so easy.

Many, many people, in order to attain this Mastery have found it necessary to withdraw from human society. It is much easier to control your emotions when you are apart from people. In other words: they are not sending you their negative energy and it’s easy to sit on a mountain and send out loving vibrations toward all humanity. This has been the solution actually that many Seekers and Sages, Monks, and other people like this have opted for, because they found it too difficult, to generate this loving energy, while in the midst of human society. But I tell you, this is not really the ultimate solution. And this way is not open in fact, to any of the 3 of you, sitting in this room. Therefore we are going to instead recommend a practice; we always talk about a daily practice. Incorporate in your daily practice, a habit of SENDING OUT THIS KIND OF LOVING ENERGY, in the same way that the Monk on the mountain top would do: toward all human kind, toward all who need healing and help. You may send out positive vibrational energy. The greater challenge though is going to be, to respond to all who come to you with positive emotional energy also to whatever degree you can in the moment. We do not expect instant Mastery.





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