KNOWLEDGE – The concept of your SOUL


Let’s imagine that the globe below represents your Soul and each bubble in this globe represents one aspect of your experience; one lifetime on Earth.

The Soul at the beginning is empty. It is a vessel waiting to receive itself; waiting to fulfill all of the potentials (like the bubbles in the globe). The Soul simply wants to know itself, and therefore it creates all these aspects (all your lifetimes on earth) in order to fill the empty vessel with experience and knowingness, wisdom and love.


The desire of the Soul is to fill itself with the experience of the potentials and finally to know the “I AM” of ITSELF. This cannot be done in the Spirit World.


Please also remember:  your Soul was created by our Divine Creator, so each Soul is equipped with a divine spark; YOUR unique divine spark. So you are a divine child of your Creator.

Also remember that our Divine Creator experiences through you, through the Souls that have given “free will” by the Creator. So whatever we choose to experience, not only are we growing and expanding,  we are also passing these experiences to our Creator in order for him/her to grow and expand.




So your Soul’s experience does not reflect only one lifetime on earth, but is the collection of many.

If you look at the entirety of the globe with all the bubbles in it you actually see your DIVINE SELF. YOUR “IAM THAT I AM”.

This is you; the beautiful you, the eternal you.


So the Soul sent many aspects into lifetimes on Earth to deeply experience the physical plane, to expand and to grow.

So one of the bubbles within this globe is actually representing the name that you are wearing at the moment in this lifetime on earth.

Above that you have another name, representing the culmination /addition/ summarization of all your earthly lifetimes. One aspect of your Soul representing one experience.

So you are a human expression of your Soul.


Understanding this concept your goal now would be to integrate all of your aspects (all of your experiences) into the wholeness of your Soul.  In doing so you create a completeness;  you reach enlightenment.

Now how can you integrate these aspects in your Soul?

This is all about





Only self-love will bring you to completeness, to the “I AM THAT I AM”.

It is NOT about how much you know, how much power or money you have, it is about the total acceptance of yourself as you are.

It is simply the acceptance, the compassion and the love of self.

You do not have to attain anything else.


And when the Soul is full, when it has felt into its potentials and experienced as many as it chooses to experience IT BECOMES COMPLETE, PURE and FULLFILLED.

That is the “IAM”.


What happens after the Soul reaches the point of completion? Does it continue to experience?

Yes it does, but not as a human. It continues to experience its love for itself.  That is all it desires. When the vessel is full, it continues to fall in love with itself; with every breath, with every moment. Falling in love with itself – because that is the grandest thing of all.



Does the Soul meld with the great ONENESS from which it originally came and loose its identity?


Instead the Soul will create its own ONENESS and COMPLETENESS based on the many experiences that were made.




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