KNOWLEDGE – The challenges on the path of awakening

Well here they are:

  • EGO
  • Connection to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS


Let us look a bit deeper into the issues:

DOUBT: doubt is like a virus; an energy virus. And healing this virus is not easy. If you are infected by this “virus” (and most humans are) it keeps you playing the same game over and over again. And on some level you even enjoy playing this game:  you pretend you don’t know what to choose in your life. You pretend you are making poor judgments. Doubt tells you that you can make a bad choice. This is the game!

In reality you cannot make bad choices. You can only have experience.

Doubt causes you to stay in your “little-human” trap. It keeps you small. When you doubt, you are afraid to feel. When you doubt you hold back real feeling.

QUESTION: Are you ready to end the game of “doubt” and understand that you are of divine origin and let yourself really FEEL INTO LIFE? Because FEELING will make you big.


EGO: We are talking here about the “dark” side of ego only, meaning being egoistic, completely self-centered, putting yourself in front of others or trying to steal their energy. Someone acting in this way will put blocks up and limit his own growth. The “light” side of your ego is being self-aware, being self-full, being in love with yourself. Then your ego is a fantastic thing and you do not need to steal energy from anybody else.

QUESTION: Are you ready to release the “dark” side of your ego, as it prevents you from growing and developing to your full potential?


KARMA: Yes you come into your life with a history and with a karmic background. And yes, that can be challenging. In Class 13 we give you more explanation and a suggestion about how to release your karma.

QUESTION: Are you ready to release your karma?




CONNECTION TO MASS-CONSCIOUSNESS: In a way all humans are connected to the mass-consciousness of all humans on planet Earth. We are all connected. The process of awakening includes the necessity to withdraw or at least partly withdraw from mass-consciousness and the many belief systems that come with it. Many of these belief systems are outdated and often full of misconceptions.

This connection to mass-consciousness often works like a kind of hypnosis and limits you in your development and your spiritual growth.

QUESTION: Are you ready to disconnect from mass-consciousness and replace these belief systems through a “higher truth”?

What is a higher truth?

It is one that is in alignment with the experience of love, joy and beauty.

If you measure any belief system against this you will know…

PS: Keep in mind: there is always a higher level of “truth” that needs to be discovered.



LACK OF SELF LOVE/SELF WORTH:  As this seems to be the most important and critical point of all, we will look separately into this issue of Love and Self Love in Classes 12 &13.




All of this lead to blockages that you set up for yourself and sometimes for others too. Clearing these blockages is your responsibility and in Class 5 we have given you the tools to work on it.




Please continue with the knowledge part of class 11.