KNOWLEDGE – At the core of your being you are DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS


At the core of your Being you are divine consciousness. You are not energy, you are consciousness. This consciousness moves – during your lifetime on Earth – constantly between your physical body and your spirit body.

During your day your consciousness mainly stays close to your physical body, but if you, for example, start to daydream, part of your consciousness shifts into the spiritual dimensions.


What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the greatest gift you have received from your Creator!

Consciousness is awareness. You are, therefore you are aware. Consciousness is your core-presence.




Consciousness/awareness has many levels:


SENSUAL AWARENESS > with your 5 physical senses

MENTAL AWARENESS > what is going on in your mind

SPIRITUAL AWARENESS & INTUITION > your wisdom comes in effortlessly, bypassing the mind. Where does this higher level of consciousness come from? It comes from your Soul, from your Spirit.



Consciousness always wants to express itself. This can best be done on the physical plane of planet earth.

We express ourselves.

Through expression we gain experiences and through experiences we add to the global consciousness that surrounds us.

Through expanding and developing our consciousness we bring in the NEW POTENTIALS for Humanity and Earth.





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