logoClass 11


MEDITATION – Come with us into the wonderful rainforest and recieve a gift from the Angels

Wonderful journey with Barry into the rainforest. Experience the magic of nature and its calming effects and receive a gift from the Angels.


KNOWLEDGE – The challenges on the path of awakening

Be aware about the potential challenges on your path of awakening and how you can master them.


KNOWLEDGE – At the core of your being you are DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS

At the core of your Being you are consciousness; a divine spark of consciousness. This is the greatest gift your Creator could give you. What is consciousness and what does that mean for your life on Earth?


CHANNELING – Djwal Kuhl explains about our future on the planet

Listen to the Ascended Master Djwal Kuhl as he explains how we can support the elevation process of the Planet and of humanity and how we can manifest the “Divine Future” on Earth.