KNOWLEDGE – Are you out of your mind?


Very good, very good. It is time now to claim back the power from your mind and evolve its role and we will explain why.

The MIND is one of the many aspects of you.

We all need our MIND to live our life here on earth, BUT the MIND has taken over a role that it never wanted and through the immense power that we have given to our minds we LIMIT OURSELVES. It is now time to free ourselves of the “programming” that has affected our mind and that keeps us in a kind of state of hypnosis.


What happened, why did it go wrong?

There was a time called Atlantis when the humans started tampering with the MIND, which caused a separation of the SPIRIT and the MIND.

It also allowed a sort of programming of the MIND, allowing humans to receive ideas and thoughts, allowing them to believe them and then to act them out. Humans were easy to manipulate. It made us easily accessible and easily influenced by outside energies. We were and still are in a kind of state of hypnosis that prevents us from taking back our divine connection.



How can we solve this?

If we claim back the power from our MIND we create the opportunity to connect to our DIVINE KNOWINGNESS. This is our divine intelligence, our divine wisdom; the connection to our “I AM”.

This goes beyond the mind and gets you out of your mental mode.

How do we claim back the power from our mind and open the connection to our divine wisdom?

It is through your intent.

And you can do it with the assistance of the exercise below, if you choose to do so.






Sit down and take some deep breaths.

You are at a very important point in your lifetime.

You are changing your future.

Take another deep breath and love your mind and thank it.

Now release your mind. Release it from its obligations.

And as you do so, you let go of these old controls that were put into your mind.

Let them now go, release them.

No need to think now – just be-.

You are now allowing yourself to go back into a natural state.

And in this natural state the mind is used as part of the sensing experience. The mind is wonderful at understanding how to differentiate energies. But the mind also learnt how to JUDGE. It is time to release this judgment.

When the mind is released of its limitations, it then merges with your divine wisdom, with this inner divine knowingness that is always there for you. They meld together.

The MIND and your DIVINE KNOWINGNESS are melding together.

Take another deep breath in and allow it to be.





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