READING: course goals and benefits



Participating in this course can change your perspective on life and your life goals. During the course you will remember:

  • That there is a spirit world which is your home
  • That you have a spirit body
  • That your spirit body needs to be nurtured and developed
  • WHY your spirit body needs to be nurtured and developed
  • HOW the spirit body can be nurtured and developed
  • That resetting your life goals can be beneficial
  • That there are different realms in the spirit world with different characteristics


You will benefit in many ways:

  • Reduced stress
  • Re-balancing and healing
  • Improved concentration
  • Personal growth and development
  • Greater relaxation
  • Growing awareness
  • More happiness, joy and satisfaction in your life!


Our course has 4 phases:

Phase 1: Awareness You will become aware of your true nature and the divinity within you

Phase 2: Change You will learn how to balance spiritual and physical aspects of your life

Phase 3: Healing You will identify and heal mental and emotional blockages that restrict your development

Phase 4: Integration You will be able to integrate your divine nature into your physical existence. You will become whole.



Your next step:

Please have a look at the “Animation” of class 1