EXERCISE: your self-assessment at the start of the course

In order for you to get the maximum benefit from this course, we suggest that you take time to reflect on your personal situation before you begin.


1) How happy and satisfied are you with your life at the moment?



2) If you are not completely satisfied with your life, what is preventing you from living the life you want?



3) Are you aware of the existence of a spirit world? Have you had any experiences with the spirit world or with spirit beings?



4) Are you ready to identify blockages in your life, to heal old injuries and to abandon ideas and practices that are holding you back, even if this means changes in your personal life?



5) Are you willing to put effort into this process?



6) Please register your name (or nickname) and your email address in the “Spirit World Forum” on our homepage. In the “Welcome & Start” section of the forum, please let us know what made you choose to take this course.



Your Spirit World TeamĀ 


Your next step:

Congratulation. You have completed class 1 of the course.

Feel free to continue with “class 2″